Photography NFTs, making history in the future!

Photographic image © 2021 Paul Hamilton. All rights reserved.

Photography has become an integral part of the NFT marketplace sitting alongside many other genres of art. Photographers are pushing the boundaries and upping their game in producing standalone 1/1 edition imagery alongside cohesive bodies of work with multiple images by offering these portfolios as collections for sale. The rise of photography NFTs have helped many photographers already in selling their work made over many years prior to this new arena of technology, bringing them to the forefront of many art and photography collectors from around the world.

Listing photography on the blockchain is not complicated and the beauty of this space is that you don’t need to be a well known established photographer to do so. At last, photographers from all backgrounds producing all types of imagery across many diverse subject ranges are being truly recognised and valued for their images, hard work and effort put into producing their passion. Photographers now have a decentralised gateway to be in control of marketing and selling their work for its true worth, no more stock agencies taking an unfair commission and not seeing you for your true worth.

The Photography NFT marketplace is here to stay long into the future, with a solid community and leading technology combining to let photographers evolve and be in control of their own destiny for the long term. We have already seen so many success stories for photographers from all backgrounds, even fellow photographers collecting each others work as well as art collectors investing in photography for its future value, history is in the making. Large corporates are even now beginning to see and are investing in the rapid growth of photography NFTs, with the emphasis on photographers themselves not having to navigate gatekeepers anymore, putting them in full overall control of their work.

The future for photographers and their Digital NFTs seems to have no limit, especially in terms of sales, where work that is sold for the price you have yourself set and then also there is the secondary market, where your work will go on to increase in value when sold on at a profit by the collector, of which you, the photographer, will receive further income through royalty payments. Be sure to join us and get ready for launch as we Welcome photographers from all backgrounds and genres and really can’t wait to meet you all and for your success. The biggest market in the world is waiting to be monetized.

Focus Market is driven by Creatives for Creatives. Launching Very Soon!

This is just the beginning, let’s go! Join our Photography NFT Community for Updates. Twitter Instagram Currently Building Discord

017.09.2021 Author Paul Hamilton Artistic Advisor Focus Market Photography NFT Marketplace



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