Photographers Exposed in NFT Space


When Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin of NASA landed on the moon in July 1969 it was definitely one giant leap for mankind and Hasselblad cameras that recorded the images, making history for this most iconic of 20th Century moments.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and photographers are on a new mission and are creating history in the process too. The art of photography is being recognised and has fast become collectible through the NFT (Non Fungible Token) blockchain and platform marketplace. The rise of the blockchain has secured unique digital contracts between sellers and buyers for their digital assets, just the same as a photographer would provide a Certificate of Authenticity for their physical print to the purchasing recipient.

The major difference is that these exchanges move at warp speed across the internet at the very click of a button to mint and list digital photographic imagery, even whole collections, of which are safe and secure and one of a kind. At last, revolutionary infrastructure that lets photographers market their work quickly and put it on sale to the world and having full control of presentation, pricing, self marketing and the destiny of the pieces of work.

To cut to the chase, as a photographer myself with 30 years experience in the arena, I know, as well as my fellow photographers both male and female, that it takes many years of hard work, effort, self motivation and belief to become successful in gaining recognition for our photography. Many years and the accumulating expenditure striving to produce our art in bringing it to the right audience with long wait times to be appreciated for our work, sometimes to no avail, yet we keep producing for the love of our art through our passion. Well now, the wait time is over through the revolutionary marketplace and creative driven community of NFT Photography, artists and collectors.

Pioneering photographers in the NFT space have been at the forefront of paving the way for all of us in this beautiful medium, I could name so many but Justin Aversano for one with his “Twin Flames” documentary portrait collection has reached new heights with his success of which has now gained recognition from the famous auctioneers, already at Southeby’s and soon to be at Christies in October 2021. Food for thought, as Justin and myself were both shortlisted at the 2018 Professional Sony World Photography Awards, albeit in very contrasting styles, his “Twin Flames” Documentary Portraiture collection and my “Seawall” Abstract Still Life collection, it is testament to what can be achieved in the NFT Photography world.

Focus Market, the all Photography NFT Marketplace platform, currently in beta testing, will be launching soon. Truly Democratizing the Photography Market, we believe that the true killer app for the NFT age is photography. We have developed a marketplace that allows owners of photos to mint, sell, buy and exchange photographs. Focus Market runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This is more environmentally friendly than the current alternatives. Furthermore, in the near future we will be adding the Cardano network to the platform as this is considered to be the most energy efficient of the upcoming networks. No need for bank details, credit cards or worries about chargebacks. Using web3 technology transactions on our marketplace take seconds and are traded using cryptocurrencies. Perhaps our biggest strength is that we are community focused. This means that our upcoming FOCUS token will allow community members to vote, stake and earn a percentage of commission from each sale! This is a lucrative solution for a multi billion dollar market!

Focus Market is driven by Creatives for Creatives an Expert Team. Economic Specialist Executives, Strategists, Research and Marketing Specialists, Expert Blockchain Developers and Engineers, Creative Advisor Judy Lindsay NFT Artist, Photographer and Film Producer. Artistic Advisor Paul Hamilton Creative Art Photographer, NFT Artist and Global Brand Ambassador. Community Ambassador Pam Voth Photographer, Filmmaker, Producer, NFT Artist. Creative Director Richard Bernabe Photographer, Writer, Traveler, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Wildlife Conservationist.

Onwards and Upwards, to the moon! Join our Photography NFT Community for Updates. Twitter Instagram

21.08.2021 Author Paul Hamilton Artistic Advisor Focus Market Photography NFT Marketplace



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