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Photography “Mars Landing” Planetarium Series © 2021 Paul Hamilton

Since June 2021, hearing about how photographers had already taken a leap of faith and decided to apply and market their work to the NFT (Non Fungible Token) photography space, growing greater every single day, with so many success stories and testimony that previously was scarce with a few sales of work here and there, not producing a sustainable income unless you were very well known in the photography industry. Well, let me tell you that has now all changed by the great NFT space and community that is so uplifting for all photographers from all backgrounds and genres and dare I say, lesser known photographers too, not because of their lack of ability, just the way the photography world worked, but now everyone is equal, photographers selling work for their true value and being recognised for their creative talent, with many blue chip companies now wanting to and becoming involved in NFTs.

For those photographers who may still be sceptical or at how all this works using crypto currency or are totally against the idea for environmental reasons, which is not much more than what it takes to run things in everyday life, or it may be for personal views on crypto currency itself, then I would say you are truly missing out in this case. Photographers, If you are happy to just make a few sales from prints, calendars, books etc then obviously that is fine and is your prerogative but is it really worth all your hard work for little recompense. The NFT photography space is much more than just chasing the money for your art, there are so many photographers here building a great community and becoming friends, even buying each others work on a daily basis, communicating through twitter and discord, sharing ideas and views on improving this NFT photography space. From an environmental stand point, everyone involved in this space knows of the impact it takes to mint work on the ethereum network, everyone pays gas fees to miners to write the contracts to the blockchain in buying and selling NFTs. The majority of us give back financially from the proceeds of sales through NFTs to offset the carbon footprint, yet some say this is still not enough! Ethereum 2.0 when launched will be greener and there are many other platforms and crypto currencies very aware and already reducing the impact on the environment, for example Binance Smart Chain, Cardano and Solana to name but a few. Pretty soon, Crypto currency will become mainstream.

Focus Market is a Photography only NFT platform that will rival and out perform its competitors, aiming to become number one for creators and collectors of photography with rewards for all contributors. Launching soon after rigorous beta testing in providing photographers a gateway and greener alternative for minting work with lower gas fees (gwei) across the Binance Smart Chain. We have watched and listened since day one, in preparation to help photographers join and be part of this exciting chapter in the NFT Community and Marketplace, topics surrounding blockchain and its environmental impact have gathered the attention of and raised discussions in the online communities and are still, we would like to reassure our photographers of our commitments and ethos, so here’s the greener, smarter, faster, bit. Blockchains with Proof of Stake models do not require intensive computation as those with Proof of Work consensus, and therefore have a significantly lower energy consumption footprint such as Binance Smart Chain, of which is one of the largest green DeFi blockchains. NFTs minted on the Proof of Work based blockchains cost 100+ times more than what they cost on Proof of Stake based blockchains such as the Binance Smart Chain, for example, Ethereum’s average transaction fee is around $5 to $9 while the Binance Smart Chain is $0.04 to $0.8 and can deal with hundreds of transactions per second more than Ethereum, making a huge difference on the impact to the environment, using less energy, reducing gas fees and the carbon footprint left behind. Focus Market is already thinking ahead of time, in the near future we will be adding to our platform for considering to be the most energy efficient of the upcoming networks combining pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications.

Focus Market is a Community focused NFT platform that will power its own economy, with the Focus Token $FOCUS we are building a full economic ecosystem that will empower, incentivize and enrich all stakeholders into our Photography only Platform, to release Clean NFTs into the Worldwide Marketplace. The growth of photography has really been a game changer in democratising artistic talent through advances in technology, our biggest strength is that we are community focused. This means that our upcoming FOCUS token will allow community members to vote, stake and earn a percentage of commission from each sale, this is by far the most lucrative area for creators (photographers) and collectors alike. Be sure to join us and get ready for launch as we Welcome photographers from all backgrounds and genres and really can’t wait to meet you all. The biggest market in the world is waiting to be monetized.

There are a ton of exciting things happening in the background and we would love to tell you more details in due course. In the meantime, we will use our Twitter social media and Discord server to add value to the community. As you know, our project is community led and we want to use Discord as the tool where we can nurture an engaged community. We want to EMPOWER our community and add value in any way we can.

The belief is that an engaged community will be our biggest cheerleaders and promoters and will be essential for our ambitious future plans. We want to become the de facto photography NFT marketplace, and for us to reach this lofty aim we will need the community on our side. We hope you’ll join us! Thank you for your patience.

Focus Market is driven by Creatives for Creatives.

Richard Bernabe Creative Director

Judy Lindsay Creative Advisor

Paul Hamilton Artistic Advisor

Pam Voth Community Ambassador

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