How to become a succesful NFT artist with storytelling

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3 min readFeb 9, 2023


GM! Once again, we are back to bring you up to speed on the most important things in the NFT photography space.

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

  • The launch of Focus Market blog
  • How to become a successful NFT artist with storytelling + tactics/strategy
  • The implications of AI in the digital art space
  • NFT creator royalties

The Focus Market blog is now live!

Last time, we said we will do and we did it! The Focus Market Blog is now live on our website. We aim to provide you with the most interesting and insightful content on NFT photography. Expect in-depth deep dives, the latest news, and interviews with different artists and other stakeholders in the NFT photography space.

You can check out our new blog here.

How to become a successful NFT artist with storytelling

Stories are what make us gravitate towards things in life. It applies to absolutely everything: business, people, movies, music, art, etc. We look at each story and try to relate it to our own experiences or just simply get a deeper understanding of what is being transmitted to us.

To put it in simple terms, stories boost feelings such as trust, compassion, and empathy.

The very same notion applies to NFT digital art. It is important to make sure that an artist’s work transcends captivating emotions and feelings that the collector can get a sense of.

However, in order to succeed you should combine storytelling with the right tactics and strategy. As promised in the previous newsletter, we have put together an article breaking down some of the best use cases of storytelling in the NFT photography space including different tactics and strategies that are now open to everybody — thanks to the novel technological capabilities of Web3.

You can read the article on our blog by clicking here.

The implications of AI in the digital art space

AI has become the talk of the town earlier this year after the release of AI systems such as DALLE-2 and Midjourney. These tools allow everyone to create their own digital art by just simply submitting a text prompt.

The response from the greater part of the artist community has been nothing less than amazing. It is truly stunning to see what this novel technology can bring to the table.

Even though the excitement is there, some artists are worried that they will be replaced by this fast-growing behemoth. With that being said, there are some fair arguments regarding the future of the more traditional forms of art. Yet, multiple big names in the NFT space are already showing us how to use AI to our advantage and have a more open-minded view when it comes to this new technology.

After all, AI is the future and we will have to learn how to adapt to it.

OpenSea will enforce NFT creator royalties

Ever since the breakthrough of Web3, the most talked about innovations have been the ownership of digital assets and creator royalties. All thanks to the groundbreaking smart contract technology.

The latter was very much welcomed by all the creators but due to the fast growth of zero-royalty marketplaces, some of the most established NFT platforms such as Looks Rare, Sudoswap, and Magin Eden have taken the decision to remove them.

This has brought some negative backlash from the creator community and eventually led to an ongoing conversation about personalized on-chain solutions benefiting the creators directly.

That’s it for today! Catch you next time!

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